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bbc stills

the bbc icontest

a bbc tv icontest
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welcome to bbc_stills the icontest for lovers of bbc television.
each week the contest will center around a character or a tv show that features, or has featured, on the bbc.

general rules

o1) as this is a stills community, no animation is allowed.
o2) you must use the bases provided unless otherwise stated in the challenge post
o3) enter only new icons, made by you for the chalenge of the week
o4) icons must conform to livejournal requirements (i.e. gif, jpg, or png format, and no larger than 40kb or 100x100 pixels)
o5) don't vote for your own icons
o6) don't post your icons anywhere else until voting has closed (this is an easy mistake to make, especiall for the more prolific icon makers among us who lose track, so you will be given a warning before being disqualified - repeat offenders will be banned)
o7) you may enter a maximum of 3 icons per challenge
o8) don't take any icons unless you have permission from their creator
o9) use your common sense and good manners, and if you're unsure about anything, ask our friendly mod :)

timeline & voting

your mod is (now) an american, so bear in mind that we're functioning on central standard time (u.s.) in this comp.
all challenges last two weeks from the start date
voting will go up (almost) immediately after the deadline has past
challenges will (usually) be posted the day after voting has gone up


i'm your mod alwaysawkward. i enjoy making icons, wallpapers, headers. basically any and all graphics. i'm also a mod in a graphics comm that's part of a bigger harry potter based comm (hogwartsishome) and have my own icon journal (icons_x_eddie).

*period_stills, regency_stills, pp_challenge, floral_icontest, robinhoodstills, austen_stills - these are all awesome contests, so you should definitely check them out!

your friedly and clever banner makers are: aryas_zehral and ifeelbetter. if you would like to join their ranks, leave a comment HERE.

want to spread the bbc_stills love? you can use this lovely little banner to post at your journal to get people interested.

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