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14 September 2011 @ 11:45 am
Hey guys,

Is anyone still around? Interested in a bit of a revival?
06 May 2009 @ 05:21 pm
please to be entering challenge 34? i'm going to extend the challenge another week in hopes i can snag a few more entrants. new deadline: 13th of may at 10pm cdt
19 April 2009 @ 01:22 pm
due to computer issues i wasn't able to get this up until now, but look!

and the winners are...Collapse )

the banner-maker for this challenge is: alwaysawkward. i'll get banners made all quick-like.

next challenge will hopefully be posted today, if not early tomorrow.
07 April 2009 @ 03:32 am
because i know there are more of you out there who are just dying to enter icons of your favourite female leads, i'm extending challenge 33 one more week. the new deadline is now monday, april 13th at 10pm c.d.t. so please go and enter!
04 April 2009 @ 06:00 pm
since i completely forgot to make a reminder earlier this week, here is your last minute reminder to get your icons in for the leading ladies challenge by monday, april 6th at 10pm c.d.t.
24 March 2009 @ 12:32 am
we've done the men, now it's time to put the spotlight on the women for challenge 33.

fan of martha jones? or how about catherine tate? any of your favourite female leads are up for grabs!Collapse )
24 March 2009 @ 12:19 am
banners for the winners of challenge 32 made by the speedy sommertiara!
for: _wanderingchild and maiel_alcinoe (sommertiara, i'm guessing you kept yours? :D and i just kept mine. thank you again!)

challenge 32 bannersCollapse )
23 March 2009 @ 02:06 am
and the winners are...Collapse )

the banner-maker for this challenge is: sommertiara, if you'd be so kind! just post in a comment to this post and i'll get the banners out!

great job everyone! i'll be putting the next challenge up in about 24 hours as i need to get some sleep and then have to work. look out for the "leading ladies" challenge though as a heads up. because what can you do after the men besides the women? :D
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20 March 2009 @ 12:37 am
little later than i would've liked, but here they are none-the-less...
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